Field: Branding, packaging
Client: Stauning Whisky

This was made as a school project at the School of Visual Communication of Denmark


Stauning Whisky Corporate Identity
Stauning Whisky is a small danish whisky distillery located close to the danish west coast. The company is started by 9 danisk whisky enthusiasts with no knowledge on how to make whisky, but still, the produkt has ben very well  reseaved by the whisky community of the world and have several international competitions. Whisky guru jim morris has predicted it a great future, as shomthing that could become the best whisky in the world.

The Concept
The Design of the product and identity is based on the cool nordic feeling of the judlandic nature, with a scandinavian princip of simplicity, that is kept trough the design. This also gives a sense of exclusivity. The color of whisky is somthing that plays a big role to the the enthusiasts and the whisky community. Therefore vi have removed the label and printet the tekst directly on the bottle, to really show of the color, and to give it a airy feeling that makes it stand out from the competitions.